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Month: June 2018

Do you know where the children are?

Continuing my series of images that can be faxed to your representatives and to members of the Administration. FaxZero lets you send 5 free fax messages a day, and can send images as PDFs.
It also occurred to me that the images would work as internet memes as well, so I’ve created JPGs to share online.
In either case, feel free to download, share, distribute, and use as you will.

The PDFs to download and fax:
It’s 10pm
Do you know where the children are?

The JPGs to share on the internet:
Do you know where the children are?

It's 10pm

Where are the children? Images to fax

More than 2,000 children have been put in detention centers across the US. There is no known mechanism for returning children to their parents. Please keep sending faxes to your representatives and (ir)responsible members of the administration.

Below are four more image files that can be faxed as PDFs. Please feel free to download, fax, and share.

¿Dónde están los niños? (man and child)

Where are the children (man and child)

¿Dónde están los niños? (woman and child)

Where are the children? (woman and child)

Post update: here are JPG images to use online, as well.

Continue faxing

While Trump may have ordered a halt to family separations, there are still a lot of issues that need to be addressed, such as how families will be reunited, and how long that will take, and how long any newly reunited families will be held in detention centers. Let’s keep up the pressure.

Here are three new PDF images to fax to your elected officials, and don’t forget to send them to the administration, too. FaxZero sends up to 5 faxes a day for free.

Return the Children

Families Belong Together

Return the Children to their Families

Update: Now I’ve added JPG files to share online. Please feel free to use and share.

Fax your elected officials

It has occurred to me that one can send images (as PDF files) through FaxZero. You can send up to 5 free faxes a day.

I’m imagining the offices of Republican lawmakers filled with images of crying children who have been separated from their parents. Here are a few images that you can send. Feel free to download, use, and share.




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