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I am an artist who lives and works in Santa Cruz, California. My favorite media are painting and printmaking. I love the different processes involved in these two ways of making art.

My inspiration, no matter how I express it, comes from nature. I love to hike, and can often be found out on the trails, sketchbook in hand.

You can see information about current exhibits and events, and a range of my art, at

Arrival in Santiago de Compostela
Here I am in front of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, after walking 500 miles across Spain.


  1. Recently, I have passed the 533 Seabright Gallery several times but to find today that and arrangement needs to be made. Is there a possibility to visit in the next week or so. There are 2 images that I love and I would love to see more. I am also wondering whether you do portrait work. It is a hard financial time for me but when I see something special it usually works out. I do not have a large collection but there is not one piece that I regret.

    I look forward to visiting the shop and to meeting you.
    Best regards, a new fan….

  2. Hello & Greetings

    Really amazed by your work, I think I first viewed via Etsy..?
    The Matamoros Cycle & Following in the Footsteps of Generations – Great detail.
    Slightly green eyed regarding your printing press : )

    Best wishes

  3. Thanks Peter! We have a mutual admiration society – I enjoy your work very much. Cheers–

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