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The Hub of the Matter

It may be entirely coincidental, but I blame Damian and the Incident of the Whippy Tail for the death of my beloved 4-port hub, and by extension, the lack of recent blog entries.

It was not a sudden, merciful death. Rather, the hub lingered, sometimes connecting my peripherals, sometimes not. At times the green light of connectedness would glow strongly, promising access to printers and card readers, only to blink out in exhaustion as soon as data flowed. At other times, only a pale glow would appear, ghostly blue and weak, a shadow of its normal self.

I tried what I could. I disconnected the hub, hoping that a vacation would revive its strength. I tried switching cables from port to port, thinking that all it needed was some variety to perk it up. Damian even tried hitting it again with his tail, in a sort of “hair of the dog” homeopathic treatment. All in vain.

This week I finally made the call: the hub was dead. A quick trip to BestBuy secured its replacement, a new, larger, 7-port hub. Sic transit gloria mundi.

New site, new blog

It’s very exciting: I’ve just re-launched my website,, and now I’m launching a new blog as well.

I’ll be writing about my adventures in painting, printmaking, and on the hiking trails –with the occasional update on my cats, as well. I hope readers will find my entries educational, interesting, and entertaining.

Right now I’m off to make some code changes to clean up the blog’s appearance — but I’ll be back soon!

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